Interview: Director Josh C. Waller Talks His Movie ‘McCanick,’ The Late Cory Monteith And Raze

Director Josh C. Waller talked to us about his new movie ‘McCanick,’ which is in theaters now and available on VOD. He also talked about working with stars David Morse and the late Cory Monteith.

Click here to here the interview.

The tattoo I mention in the interview, you can see at the very beginning of the video here.

When narcotics detective Eugene “Mack” McCanick (David Morse, THE GREEN MILE) discovers that Simon Weeks (Cory Monteith, “Glee”) has been released from prison, he instigates a brutal manhunt, without permission from the Chief of Police (Ciaran Hinds, THERE WILL BE BLOOD). The frenzy of paranoia and violence that follows pushes Mack and his partner to the edge of the law. The closer Mack gets to his prey, the closer he gets to a secret from his past—one that only Weeks can expose.

[youtube video=”2rslZcpVHPc” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

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