Interview: Dir. Steven Knight on ‘Locke’, Tom Hardy and ‘Eastern Promises 2’

Preston Barta // Film Critic

Locke,” 85 min.
Rated R for language throughout.
Director: Steven Knight
Stars: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman and Ruth Wilson

Rating: 4/5

Like “Buried” (2010) with Ryan Reynolds, this feature keeps things dead simple: one man and one location. “Locke” does not include car chases or crashes. It’s merely a movie in which Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) drives around in a car for the film’s 90-minute duration and induces intense phone conversations about concrete and a newborn. So those looking for flashy visuals and big action scenes should turn elsewhere, for “Locke” is a triumph in minimalist filmmaking and a master class in acting.

Red Carpet Crash sat down with writer-director Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) in Dallas. We talked about shooting his movie all at once, Tom Hardy’s acting abilities and the possibility of “Eastern Promises 2.”

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“Locke” is in theaters now.


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