Interview: ‘Danielle Fishel’ Talks New Movie Boiling Pot


Check out my interview with Danielle below where we talk new movie Boiling Pot and a little Boy/Girl Meets World.

The film stars Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr., Tony Award Nominated and three-time Emmy-winning actor Keith David, Emmy Nominated actor John Heard, veteran actor M. Emmett Walsh, NAACP Award Nominated actress Davetta Sherwood, Danielle Fishel, Matthew Koenig, Sayed Badreya,and Ibrahim Ashmawey. “Boiling Pot” was produced under the brothers’ AshmaweyFilms banner along with Executive Producers Andrew Luu, Mike Singh, Roqaya Ashmawey and Russell Curry. Click here for the website.

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“Boiling Pot” opens with a scene ripped from the headlines about a noose hanging from a tree on a college campus and quickly introduces a gallery of characters who all express racism in different ways, be they apathetic, oblivious, casual, in denial, secret, blatant, violent, murderous or anything in between, everyone is guilty. This story of racism has no protagonist or antagonist.

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Against the backdrop of the 2008 presidential election, a group of college students finds themselves embroiled in violence. What began as isolated incidents of nooses hung on campus escalates into blatantly racist fraternity parties and, ultimately, a series of racially-instigated murders. In a consciously-shifting society, where modern-day racism and racial tensions have seeped into all cultures – white, black, Middle Eastern, Asian – the characters come to the harsh reality that there are no “sides” in life, and that if pushed far enough, everyone can exhibit racist tendencies and behavior.

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