Interview: ‘Christine Feehan’ Talks Her New Book Lethal Game: A Ghostwalkers Novel

I live on the beautiful Northern California coast and draw much inspiration from the beauty around me. I’ve always been a writer, for as long as I remember. My sisters were forced to read all of my books from the time I could write a story on paper.

I love family. I love my brothers and sisters, my children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. My home was always full of kids and children give me so much joy.

I also love my “sisters of the heart”, those friends who have supported me through my life, laughed with me, cried with me and loved me regardless of how crazy my life got. I am a strong supporter of women helping each other which is why I became a third degree black belt and taught self-defense to women who’d been abused.

I love people and dogs, good books and great coffee and I’m lucky to know just how blessed I am.

Check out her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The book is in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd. You can listen below to the interview.

In LETHAL GAME, soldier Malichai Fortunes is forced to seek out a physical therapist to help recover from a painful injury. Amaryllis is kind and warm and Malichai can she has innate healing abilities, indicating she may be a GhostWalker like him. When strange events put Malichai on high alert, he knows he won’t be able to deal with the threat and keep Amaryllis safe in his weakened state. But calling in his brothers means telling Amaryllis what he really is, and revealing that he knows the truth about her too.…

  1. February 25, 2020
  2. February 29, 2020

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