Interview: Chris Diamantopoulos Talks ‘The Art Of The Steal’

Starring: Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon, Terence Stamp, Chris Diamantopoulos and Jay Baruchel
Written & Directed by: Jonathan Sobol

Kurt Russel and Matt Dillon star as art-thief brothers reunited after years of bad blood. Russel plays a motorcycle daredevil, vaunted less for his death-defying leaps than his calamitous crash landings, who also fancies himself an art-thief – but winds up in prison when double crossed by his brother (Dillon). Released after serving his sentence, the cash strapped criminal reunites with his brother and their old teams of fellow thieves to pull off one last heist, stealing one of the most valuable works of art in the world. Backed by a superb cast which includes Terence Stamp, Jay Baruchel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Katheryn Winnick, and Jason Jones, Sobol has crafted a fresh, sophisticated take on the heist genre, one that delivers plot twists and punchlines in equal measure. The Art of the Steal will keep audiences guessing, and laughing, until its invigorating final frames.

In theaters and on VOD now.

To listen to the interview (which we recorded a few months ago) click here.

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