Interview: Author ‘Tami Oldham Ashcraft’ Talks Her Book Adrift And The Movie

Tami Oldham Ashcraft speaks frequently about her experiences and continues to be an avid sailor. She is a 100-ton licensed captain who has logged more than 50,000 offshore miles, and lives with her husband and family in Friday Harbor, Washington. You can listen below to the interview. You can buy a copy here.

A heart-wrenching memoir of the incredible and courageous 41-day voyage that changed her life forever, ADRIFT tells the first-person account of Tami Oldham who, young and in love, set sail from Tahiti in 1983 under brilliant blue skies with her fiancé Richard Sharp, for Tami’s hometown of San Diego. Their whole lives ahead of them, the two free spirits and avid sailors couldn’t anticipate that less than two weeks into their voyage, they would sail directly into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. They found themselves battling pounding rain, waves the size of skyscrapers, and 140 knot winds. Richard tethered himself to the boat and sent Tami below to safety, and then all went eerily quiet. Hours later, Tami awakened to find their boat ravaged with no masts, and Richard nowhere in sight. In stores Tuesday, May 29.

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