Interview: Author Andy Abramowitz Talks His Great New Book ‘Thank You, Goodnight’

Photo courtesy of Caryn Abramowitz

Photo courtesy of Caryn Abramowitz

Andy Abramowitz has this great new book out called Thank You, Goodnight. I talked to him about it.You can listen to our interview below.

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Nearing forty, Teddy Tremble has settled into a somewhat comfortable groove working at a stuffy law firm and living in a tasteful apartment with an inscrutable woman he thinks he might love. His days aren’t as exciting as the time he spent conquering the music world with Tremble, the rock band best known for its megahit single “It Feels Like a Lie,” but that decadent, delirious lifestyle ran its course.

Then a cryptic message from the drummer of his long-defunct band sets in motion a series of seismic changes in Teddy’s life. A museum exhibit portraying his “legacy” in all its faded glory spurs a mission to an obscure village in Switzerland, where he confronts a traitorous photographer—and encounters an unexpected pocket of rabid fans. Soon, Teddy is contemplating the previously unthinkable: reuniting Tremble for one last shot at rewriting history. Never mind that the band members haven’t spoken in ten years, that they left the music scene in a blazing cloud of indifference, and that Teddy is harboring a shameful secret about why everything fell apart so quickly.

Thank You, Goodnight

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