Interview: ‘Alicia Leigh Willis’ Talks Her New Movie ‘Dangerous Company’ And General Hospital


Alicia Leigh Willis use to play Courtney on General Hospital. She has a new movie out called ‘Dangerous Company’ and we talked about both and if she would return full time to the show. You can listen below.

Dangerous Company follows Pauline Mitchell (Alicia Leigh Willis, “General Hospital”), a successful businesswoman whose life is seemingly in a good place. But when she finds herself misplacing things, losing track of time and unable to recognize her husband on one occasion, her biggest fear is that she has inherited Alzheimer’s disease, the same illness that killed her mother. However, all is not as it seems, and whether she’s really fallen prey to a debilitating disease or if something else is causing her memory lapses and other issues comes into question. Pauline is faced with a desperate fight to prove her sanity to the police, her doctor and even herself. On Digital HD & On Demand August 1.


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