Interview: ‘Adam-Michael James’ Talks His New Bewitched Book And How The Show Should Have Ended

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Books, Interviews | 0 comments

Adam-Michael James is huge ‘Bewitched’ fan and has written this book I, Samantha, Take This Mortan, Darrin. It is how he envisioned the show would have and should have ended. Adam also writes columns on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ on soap central. We talked about the show as well. You can listen below to the interview.

Mortal ad man Darrin Stephens has finally been bumped up to partner at his agency, so devoted wife – and witch – Samantha throws him a funky party, inviting familiar and long-forgotten faces. But when one careless display of witchcraft from someone Samantha never expected forces her to tell her guests she’s a witch, she gets swept into a high-stakes fight for her very way of life and finds out in no uncertain terms who her friends truly are.

Bewitched expert Adam-Michael James brings the supernatural sitcom full circle in I, Samantha, Take This Mortal, Darrin – a series finale concept he originated in The Bewitched Continuum, his ultimate linear guide to the series. Smoothly needle-dropping into 1972, this two-part “episode” puts favorite Bewitched characters in the spotlight once again, creates backstories for the Stephenses, and builds on the show’s message of equality and acceptance while giving casual and hardcore fans alike all the witchy goodness and closure they deserve.