Interview: Actor ‘Parry Shen’ Talks His New Movie Madelines And Brad On General Hospital

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Madeline and Owen are privately funded scientists who have just discovered time travel by sending an orange 1 minute into the future. After Owen pushes to do a mouse test that fails horribly, Madeline decides to fine tune the time machine and test it on herself. The experiment seems to be a success until Owen is attacked by a copy of Madeline that shows up in their backyard. After accidentally killing the Madeline copy, Owen and Madeline discover that there was a mistake in the software code which resulted in a loop. After some quick math, Madeline and Owen realize that a new copy of Madeline will appear in their backyard everyday for the next 9 years if they don’t figure out a way to fix it. Owen decides that they need to kill each Madeline when they show up to prevent a time paradox which could destroy the universe and their marriage. The film will be released by GRAVITAS VENTURES in select theaters and ON DEMAND starting April 1st.

You can listen to the interview and see trailer below.

Trailer is below:

GRA_Madelines_Trailer_200_23976.mp4 from BOSSK PRODUCTIONS, LLC on Vimeo.