‘Ink Master’ Returns Tuesday, March 1

Spike TV’s hit original reality-competition series “Ink Master,” produced by Original Media, returns for a “lucky” seventh season, premiering Tuesday, March 1 at 10 pm ET/PT. In addition to new contestants, this season brings back eight of the series’ favorite artists from previous seasons to battle it out in permanent ink for a $100,000 grand prize, an editorial feature in Inked and, of course, the bragging rights title of ‘Ink Master.’

This season comes with a new twist, as each week, a veteran artist – and former ‘Ink Master’ contestant – will be introduced to the group prior to the elimination challenge. The artists will be put through a series of tattoo challenges that are not only designed to test the their technical skills, but also their on-the-spot creativity, as they must create and execute an original tattoo on a ‘Human Canvas.’ Each episode will focus on a different and distinct style of tattooing, and while the masterpieces these artists create will last a lifetime… so will their mistakes.

After every challenge, the contestants face a tough panel made up of musician, filmmaker and artist Dave Navarro, as well as world renowned tattoo artists Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo).

Once again, the Human Canvases, who volunteer their bodies to be tattooed by the “Ink Master” contestants, will have a say in who gets sent home. The Canvases will form their own jury, deliberate as a group and pick one artist per episode who will be up for elimination. In the jury room, viewers get an inside look at the heated arguments and wicked emotions as the Canvases defend or abandon their new ink and artist.

The “Ink Master” Season Seven tattoo artists are (listed in alphabetical order):

New Artists:
· Christian Buckingham (@christiantat2) – Artist at Revolt Tattoo in Henderson, NV
· Corey Davis (@whoiscoreydavis) – Artist at City of Ink in Atlanta, GA
· Picasso Dular (@25footphantom) – Artist at The Vatican Studios in Los Angeles, CA
· Cris Gherman (@crisgherman13) – Owner/artist at Fat Cats in New York, NY
· Anthony Michaels (@antmikes) – Artist at Metro Tattoo in Tucson, AZ
· Megan Jean Morris (@meganjeanmorris) – Owner/artist at Painted Soul in Wallingford, CT
· Alex Rockoff (@alexaceshigh) – Artist at Aces High Tattoo in West Palm Beach, FL
· Ashley Velazquez (@showoff_tattoos) – Artist at Forever Custom Tattoos in New Haven, CT
Veteran Artists:
· Matti Hixson (@mittihixson) – Artist at Otzi Tattoo Agency in Virginia Beach, VA
· Jime Litwalk (@jimelitwalk) – Artist at Ascension Tattoo in Orlando, FL
· Sausage (@sausagekingtat) – Co-owner/artist at Revolt Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV
· St. Marq (@saintmarqtattoo) – Owner/artist at New Breed in West Lafayette, IN
· Sarah Miller (@valkyriesbard) – Owner/artist at Wyld Chyld in Pittsburgh, PA
· Cleen Rock One (@cleen_rock_one) – Owner/artist at Chrome Gypsy Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV
· Jesse Smith (@jesse_smith) – Owner/artist at Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, VA
· James Vaughn (@mrjamesvaughn) – Owner/artist at Tidewater Designs in Mt. Pleasant, SC

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