‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ Preview Wednesday On Investigation Discovery

Violent Vendetta premieres Wednesday, March 25 at 10/9c A family feud escalates to brutal violence and John joins police in pursuit of one of the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted fugitives, Eugene Palmer. Cal immerses himself in one of the most brutal cases he’s ever seen as he helps authorities track down Tamera Williams.

Season Two Finale Airs Wednesday April 1 at 10/9c

ID and victims’ rights advocate John Walsh are teaming once again to hunt down persons of interest and find missing children with IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH. John Walsh and his son, Callahan Walsh, introduce ID’s active and engaged audience to unsolved violent crimes that urgently need to be closed. IN PURSUIT relies on leads from ID’s viewers who may have seen something that would help authorities, with all calls and online tips vetted by experts and followed up on by the appropriate authorities, including local law enforcement, FBI, and the U.S. Marshals. In partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), the series also features two missing children each hour, providing age-progression photos when possible and descriptions in the hopes that viewers can provide new leads to their whereabouts.

Witness to Murder premieres Wednesday, April 1 at 10/9 John works with investigators to bring Frank Contreras into custody after he commits a terrible crime witnessed by a child. Cal takes on a heartbreaking case where authorities desperately need the public’s help to identify a vicious criminal.

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