‘In Plain Sight’ Preview Friday On Investigation Discovery

Red Hot Murder premieres Friday, November 30 at 11/10c A woman finds her best friend Lanell Barsock dead in her garage and tells police she saw Lanell’s boyfriend at the crime scene. This open-and-shut case is complicated by the fact that the victim has more than one jealous boyfriend, and a few jealous girlfriends.

Murder in Greenwich premieres Friday, December 7 at 11/10c After defrauding his clients of more than 40 million dollars, it is no surprise when Andrew Kissel is found dead in the basement of his mansion. With so many people wanting him punished, who was angry enough to make it deadly?

Staged to Kill premieres Friday, December 7 at 11:30/10:30c Mechanic Ed Postma love cars, so when he pulls over to a remote convenience store to help with a breakdown, he wasn’t expecting to be shot to death. Persistent police work uncovers a bitter love triangle fueled by jealousy and rage.

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