‘Highway To Hell’ Preview Saturday On Investigation Discovery

Murder in the Fast Lane premieres Saturday, November 23 at 10/9c Everyone knows respected urologist Dr. Gulam Moonda in Hermitage, Pa. Originally from India, Moonda came to the U.S. in the 1960s. A decade later he meets Donna, and despite their 20-year age gap, they forge a strong relationship. In 2005, they embark on a house hunting mission in Ohio, but an hour into their journey a seemingly random attack ends in tragedy. As investigators close in, they discover some questionable connections that send jaws to the floor.

Limited Series Finale Airs Saturday, November 30 at 10/9c

Millions of people travel along the 160,000 miles of America’s highways each day, often passing people they will never encounter again. But what if the person at the wheel next to you had deadly intentions in mind? On HIGHWAY TO HELL, secrets, stalking, and murder become the currency of the road. For some people, innocent journeys become deadly trips, and not everyone will reach their destination.

Hide and Creep premieres Saturday, November 30 at 10/9c In November 2007, 38-year-old mother of three Dianna Franklin has arranged to meet her sister for a night of fun at the casino. As her kids wave her off, they have no idea her journey will unleash a series of horrifying events that will devastate the family. After Franklin fails to come home, investigators launch a hunt for her vehicle. Within 24 hours they find it, abandoned in a Memphis neighborhood. At first glance there’s no sign of Dianna, but as they process her car they unlock clues that ultimately tell the story of a terrifying ordeal on the road.

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