HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Sit Back And Watch The Laughs Pile Up

Review By: Cole Clay

Twitter: @WordsByCole

Everybody’s got an idea, Jobs had Apple, Zuckerberg had Facebook and Mike Judge (“Office Space”) has his latest foray into television with “Silicon Valley.” The story of a fledging startup CEO Richard Hendrix (Thomas Middleditch) and a rag-tag group of programmers trying to strike it rich in the innovation capital of America Palo Alto, California.

Judge has a real penchant for workplace satirization, leaving zero stones left unturned by not so elegantly observing the stereotypes that make up post-Google subculture of Northern California. Judge even pokes fun at the GOD of all start up strategists claiming “Jobs was a poser, he didn’t even write code.” These guys are the hipsters who denounce their own kind, you know the guys who claim to be the smartest guys in Palo Alto. And who wouldn’t think they are with brilliant ideas like Nip Alert, an app that sends you a push notification if a woman’s nipples are hard.

With that wildly misogynistic concept being said “Silicon Valley” doesn’t take itself too seriously, Judge completely critiques the recent boom of “nerdist” culture and takes it one step further by celebrating the imperfections. This is where the majority of the humor comes from, it is not afraid to take a subtle observation and turn it into a laugh out loud gag.

This pilot like many who came before, has plenty of room to grow in terms of the plotting and character development, but we get a glimpse at what cast has to offer. In particular, TJ Miller ( “She’s Out Of My League”) chews the scenery and all signs point to the comedian being the showstopper of the series. Martin Star, Amanda Crew, Josh Brenner and Kumail Nanjiani round-off the potentially stellar ensemble.

“The Big Bang Theory” may have paved the way for “Silicon Valley,” but each show has something the other lacks. The former has the audience and the other has the wit and charm. This could be HBO’s comedy calling card for many seasons to come.

Rating: 4/5

“Silicon Valley” airs Sundays 10PM/EST on HBO.

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