‘Goodbye To All That’ Trailer Starring Paul Schneider And Melanie Lynskey

Otto Wall (Paul Schneider, ALL THE REAL GIRLS) is your typical suburban husband and father, domesticated into a state of placidity. When his wife (Melanie Lynskey, UP IN THE AIR) pulls the rug out from underneath him and announces she is filing for divorce, Otto is thrust into the uncharted territory of single fatherhood and – even more frightening – getting back into the rather unpredictable dating pool.

Schneider shines in his leading role as Otto, supported by the stellar female supporting cast of Lynskey, Heather Graham, Anna Camp, Heather Lawless, Amy Sedaris, Ashley Hinshaw, and Audrey Scott in a breakout role as his young daughter, Edie.

Making his directorial debut, JUNEBUG screenwriter Angus MacLachlan returns to North Carolina with GOODBYE TO ALL THAT, crafting a film that is at once sexy, moving, and sharply comedic.

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