‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown’ Returns Monday, July 10 To Destination America

In the first season of GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN, a surge of 911 calls reporting what appeared to be supernatural activity in Shepherdstown, W.V., inspired Police Chief Michael King to enlist the help of paranormal investigators to figure out why the town had become such a hotbed for hauntings. Nick Groff, Bill Hartley, and Elizabeth Saint, with the help of local historian Dana Mitchell and psychic medium Lorie Johnson, uncovered clues linking the rash of mysterious incidents to Shepherdstown’s historic waterways and a woman murdered on accusations of witchcraft in the town’s early history. The first season finale culminated in a ceremony on the Potomac River to cleanse the town of its “Witches Curse,” which seemed to settle the ghostly activity… at least, within its own borders. Soon, Chief King began hearing from his colleagues in neighboring police jurisdictions that the mysterious happenings had spread to their nearby towns, suggesting that Shepherdstown is only one piece to a much larger paranormal puzzle. Groff, Hartley and Saint return for season 2 to follow new leads and attempt to solve the mystery once and for all, with eight all-new episodes of GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN premiering on Monday, July 10 at 10/9c on Destination America.

“As a network that searches for answers to the unknown, Destination America is ready to deliver another awe-inspiring season of GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN. Our audience has told us they want to know more about the unexplained and we are going to deliver,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “It’s rare for the story in a paranormal docu-series to unfold serially as it does in this show, but Shepherdstown is a one-of-a-kind haunted destination with roots that reach far beyond what we thought was possible.”

In the season premiere, paranormal investigator Nick Groff, tech guru Bill Hartley and paranormal sensitive Elizabeth Saint return to Shepherdstown to resume their investigation after Chief King receives reports that the paranormal activity has spread. Water is a powerful conductor of energy, and some believe that extends to spiritual energy as well. The team theorizes that local rivers that run through Shepherdstown are channeling supernatural forces and awakening spirits in towns along the riverbanks. The trio is called to the meeting place of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in the quaint, historic town of Harpers Ferry, W.V., to explore the John Brown Wax Museum after the manager complained of unusual activity that made her fear being in the museum alone. Throughout the investigation, the team discovers spirits with ties to the Civil War, a raid on Harpers Ferry, and a family that suffered a tragedy. With psychic medium Lorie Johnson’s help, they attempt to rid the museum of its haunted inhabitants and thus start chipping away at the larger spiritual forces that have cloaked the region. Other towns visited this season include Charles Town, Martinsburg, and Sharpsburg in West Virginia; South Mountain, Md., and culminating where it all began, the most haunted town in America, Shepherdstown.

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