Game Show Network Airing ‘Cover Story: The Press Your Luck Scandal’ Sunday, January 14

Game Show Network, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, announced today the premiere of its new documentary special, “COVER STORY: The Press Your Luck Scandal,” premiering Sunday, January 14 at 7 pm ET. Additionally, the original scandalous Press Your Luck episodes featured in the special will air following the show at 8 and 8:30 pm ET.

The COVER STORY special will explore the story of Michael Larson, an air conditioning repairman from Ohio who cracked the game board algorithm and walked away with over $110,000 in cash and prizes. There was a one-in-six chance that each spin he took would erase his winnings, but Larson managed to evade the dreaded Whammy and accumulate the record breaking amount. Audiences went wild, but game show producers wanted to know how he did it. Had he cheated? Or did he simply outsmart the smartest minds in Hollywood?

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