FYI’s New Series ‘My City’s Just Not That Into Me’ Premieres Wednesday, March 4

FYI’s new original series, “My City’s Just Not That Into Me,” explores an issue facing many home seekers today – loving their current city, but being priced out, and deciding on where to move to improve their quality of life. FYI and, published by Vox Media, are partnering for the ten half-hour episode series, set to premiere on Wednesday, March 4 at 10pm ET.

Break-ups are hard. Leaving something you like because it’s clearly not working out is a tough decision, whether that involves matters of the heart, or real estate. With the cost of home ownership out of reach for many, some people are deciding whether or not a major move promising an improvement in lifestyle is worth it.

In “My City’s Just Not That Into Me,” LA-based real estate expert, Courtney Poulos, will help home seekers work through their real estate issues. Each episode of the series will feature a different family, couple or group of friends considering a move as they discover how far their money can go in different parts of the country.

The “My City Personality Test,” created from data collected over thirteen years by Cambridge University, along with Courtney’s expertise, will decipher new locations that are best suited to each home seeker’s personality and needs. In each episode, a new family or individual will explore two new cities and their real estate options, before deciding which city has what it takes to capture their heart.

The unique partnership with includes editorial, creative and promotional elements. Curbed also serves as the primary source for neighborhood and listing expertise for the production of the series. Cross promotional elements include editorial content on, providing additional information on properties and neighborhoods featured in each episode, as well as the “My City’s Just Not that Into Me” online quiz (, which viewers can take as they watch the series to discover which city is a best match for them.

“My City’s Just Not That Into Me” is produced for FYI by Violet Media. Melissa Cutlip is executive producer and Jessica Bertulis is co-executive producer for Violet Media. Gena McCarthy and Toby Faulkner serve as executive producers for FYI.

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