Four Great Dating Movies

Whether you’re on one of the famous online dating sites, apps, or you cannot collect yourself to put a dating profile out there, there’s no doubt online dating is here to stay. Meeting people through chat rooms is increasingly getting ingrained in our culture. In this era, more than half of new marriages begin online.

It’s no wonder various movies are revolving around online dating that would be worth your time. One great aspect of these onscreen examples about finding love on the internet is that each offers a specific message you can walk away with.

1. You’ve Got Mail 
You’ve got mail dates back all the way to 1998. The story of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meeting in an AOL chat room brings out a breezy, sweet romantic comedy. They begin online dating romance with each other, only for Hanks to later realize it’s someone he doesn’t like – someone totally different from the picture he imagined while chatting online. The problem extends when Hanks gets dishonest and pretends to be someone else online. They later turn out business rivals such that they don’t get along in person.

2. Must Love Dogs
A woman lets her sister put her profile on and goes on some outrageous dates before meeting someone great – who must love dogs. Funnily, the two characters in this film don’t even want to date at first. Honesty is the best policy plays out when the woman gets dishonest in her profile picture and the man about owning a dog. Things turn out awkward in haste.

3. The Notebook
The Notebook, released in 2004, is an American romantic drama film that brings out a young couple’s love story. At an old age, the man is trying to remind the woman, who is ill and at a care center, about their love life. The movie teaches something about romanticizing toxic relationships. 

4. Eurotrip
It is a goofy and screwball comedy and one of the best teen movies of all time. This film brings out the big challenge to dating as a misunderstanding on the part of a man. A group of friends takes the ultimate overseas adventure after graduating from high school to meet up with a gorgeous German girl he connected with online. The clarity in starting a relationship surfaces as of much importance in this movie. There are so many ways people can misconstrue information.

Online Dating in Movies and Real-Life: The Most Common Lessons
It’s hard to deny that film watching forms one of the most popular date night activities. These movies could affect your online dating success. As shown in movies and real life, it is better for couples looking for singles to use specialized resources because there are like-minded people ready for a new experience. When it comes to onscreen films, try to go for those that increase the number of messages you get from potential matches.

Here are some great lessons from dating-related movies that could help enhance your dating success:
You’ve Got Mail – Be completely honest with your new online connections from the go. Always bring out a clear picture about who you are and what you want. Simply put, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” crowns the lesson one can draw from this film.
Must Love Dogs – It doesn’t always work out for the best to let someone create your online dating profile. Go ahead and create your dating profile on your own before your nosy friend or relative does. Again, despite the loads of crazy dates you may go on, it’s important to keep trying.

The Notebook – True love is too powerful to erase. It’s more of an opportunity to learn, grow, move forward, and age in love together.

Eurotrip – Don’t let your dumbass friend mess your dating endeavors; keep off online chats, emails, etc., when you’re drunk; ensure you fully understand the language you’ll be using to communicate with overseas girls. This film also brings it out that sometimes going all the distance and being spontaneous proves worth it.

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