Five Biggest Mistakes In ‘Star Wars’

Everyone is waiting on the release of the new Star Wars movie with baited breath, and it’s no surprise. The wizardry of the Star Wars film franchises is unrivalled, much like its series of hilarious blunders which have become nearly as iconic as the cinematic appeal of the films. Here’s a recap of the best blunders in case you missed them first time.

1: While making his way to one of the Death Stars docking bays, a Stormtrooper can be seen accidentally banging his head against the top of a door frame in Episode IV: A New Hope. This may have originally gone unnoticed, but has since become something of a well-known blunder by fans and filmmakers alike. In recent remastering has been accompanied with a cartoonish thump as the Stormtrooper stumbles in.

2: Han shooting first has been a hotly debated topic among Star Wars fans for years – a subject traced back to George Lucas’s meddling hand. While in the original cut of the film, Han shot Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo, in the Cantina before Greedo had a chance. This has led to versions in remastered video, DVD and Blu-Ray releases where Greedo shots first and a digitally altered Han dodges and returns fire, and a version where they fire simultaneously (but Han still manages to dodge the blaster fire). This is due to Lucas believing that Han firing first, casts him in a less than heroic light.

3. In the scene where Han is frozen in carbonite during ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ he is initially shown wearing a white shirt. However, once the camera cuts away from and then back to Solo, it’s evident that he has mysteriously acquired his jacket. No one really noticed, as the blunder was overshadowed by his delivery of ‘I know’, but it is one example of many wardrobe inconsistencies in that particular movie. Other examples are when Leia changes her outfit after being captured, or when Lando’s cape keeps moving his shoulders in Cloud City.

4. The crowd making up the audience in the coliseum during the events in ‘Attack of the Clones’ is entirely Geonosian – an alien race that speaks through a series of clicks, whirrs and throat rumbling. However, when the crowd in the arena cheers, only human cheer can be distinctly heard. Audiences didn’t really pay attention to this detail though, as it is during a scene that is drenched in both CGI and glaring plot holes, so there was much more to focus on than the lack of attention to detail.

5. In ‘A New Hope’ the final confrontation of Vader and Obi-Wan has more wardrobe inconsistencies, albeit this time through camera trickery. If you look at Darth Vader’s chest console during the final battle, you’ll notice it reversed and then returned to its normal position a number of times as the camera cuts away from him and then returns. This is due to the shots being reversed-a common filmmaker’s trick, and due to the gravity this scene holds, not many of the viewers noticed, or really cared.

Despite the flaws that have been apparent in Star Wars since the beginning, there is no denying that excitement for the newest instalment is unparalleled. Any mistakes have simply added to the fans passion for the movies, and any upcoming mistakes will most probably be overlooked for years to come.

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