FilmRise Acquires North American DVD Rights To ‘The Unbelievers’ Out On July 1

FilmRise is pleased to announce the acquisition of exclusive North American DVD rights to the documentary feature The Unbelievers in a deal concluded by its international distributor, Content Media. The film follows scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss as they champion science and reason in our quest to answer the most challenging questions ever faced by the human race.

Structured in the manner of a behind-the-scenes rock ‘n’ roll tour film, The Unbelievers follows Dawkins and Krauss as they travel across three continents speaking to sold-out stadiums and concert halls, disseminating their pro-science/pro-reason message to enthusiastic audiences across the globe. The film’s dénouement is the 2012 Rally for Reason on the U.S. Capital lawn in Washington, D.C., which brought 30,000 fervent fans and protesters together with atheists, secularists, freethinkers and skeptics to debate the importance of addressing current global issues with science and reason.

Dawkins and Krauss encourage their audience to shun antiquated religious and politically motivated views and adopt a more fact-based approach. They are supported by a number of influential celebrities and intellectuals who are interviewed in the film including Ricky Gervais, Stephen Hawking, Sarah Silverman, Werner Herzog, Bill Maher and Steven Colbert.

“I am thrilled FilmRise has the privilege to distribute this groundbreaking documentary to a broader domestic audience,” said FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher. “The Unbelievers delivers a powerful message about addressing the vital issues of our modern age with reason and fact, and I only hope that viewers are empowered to continue asking thought-provoking questions and demanding answers long after the credits roll.”

Richard Dawkins is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author. Dawkins came to prominence with his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, which popularized the gene-centered view of evolution and introduced the term “meme”. He has been called “the world’s most famous Atheist” and is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design. In his 2006 book The God Delusion, Dawkins contends that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that religious faith is a delusion. As of January 2010, the English-language version of his book had sold more than two million copies and had been translated into 31 languages. Today he is an emeritus fellow at the New College of the Humanities in London, England and founder of the Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason and Science, which is a non-profit organization that promotes science and secular values around the world.

Lawrence Krauss is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist who is a professor of physics at Arizona State University, where he also serves as Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration and director of the Origins Project (a trans-disciplinary initiative that explores the most fundamental of questions who we are and where we came from). He is most well-known for his contributions to cosmology, as he was one of the first physicists to suggest that most of the mass and energy of the universe resides in empty space, an idea now widely known as dark energy. Krauss is one of the few living physicists referred to by Scientific American as a “public intellectual,” and he is the only physicist to have received awards from all three major U.S. physics societies: the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Institute of Physics. In 2012 he was awarded the National Science Board’s Public Service Medal for his contributions to public education in science and engineering in the US. He is the author of several bestselling books, including The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe from Nothing and he is an advocate of scientific skepticism, science education, and the science of morality.

The Unbelievers was written and directed by Gus Holwerda, an American film maker who has worked in movies and television for over 10 years, and won multiple awards for his work on various independent short films and music videos. The Unbelievers represents his first entry into the realm of documentary filmmaking.

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