‘Down East Dickering’ Returns To History On Wednesday, November 12

down east

Get ready for more odd jobs, crazy barters, offbeat goods and jaw-dropping ways to make a quick buck, because DOWN EAST DICKERING is back for a new season premiering Wednesday, November 12 at 10 pm ET/PT on HISTORY. In the dickering biz, the work week begins on Thursday when Uncle Henry’s hits the stands. There’s buried treasure in every issue of this local magazine filled with classified ads, and you can get a great deal IF you know what to look for and how to look for it.

On this season of DOWN EAST DICKERING, viewers will travel all over the state of Maine with the dickerers, going wherever there’s a good deal to be had. Each episode is jam-packed with unique transactions, from trading spare parts for a car repair to getting a few hours of labor in exchange for some fresh lobster. These guys live life on their own terms – no time clocks, no bosses, and no rules. Every dickerer depends on Uncle Henry’s to help them spot a deal, distinguish trash from treasure, and fix, sell or swap…and they’re all trying to do it faster than the next guy. Each group may have different strategies, but they all share the same goals: spend a little, make a lot, and enjoy life.


TEAM TONY: Also known as the “Knock & Talkers.” Tony Bennett, his trusted sidekick, Duke, and his partner, Chris “Codfish” Codwell, are back. Whether they’re flying down the back roads or shrewdly dissecting Uncle Henry’s, Team Tony always lands the right deal.

TEAM CLINT: Clint is the Alpha Dog of this pack, with Bruce “The Closer” Thomas and Nate “The Apprentice” Knight (also known as Clint’s “future ex-son-in-law”) rounding it out. These guys do best as a team, with each member bringing his own strength and skill to each dicker and trade.

TEAM YUMMY: Roland “Yummy” Raubeson and his son, Mitch, always say they’ll do anything for money. Their strategy for dickering is to just wing it. Yummy and Mitch pride themselves on never laying out cash and only dickering by trading or swapping.

TEAM SPEEDY & TINMAN: This season will feature the new team of Speedy and Tinman. These guys are “dicker pickers” who have been friends for over 25 years and will do anything for a dollar. Construction guys by trade, these two can build, frame, paint, and roof anything. Passionate about making a good swap, Tinman is the advertiser and straight man, while Speedy is the fast-talking and energetic negotiator.

TEAM MORIN: The Morin Brothers, also known as “The Flippers,” are also new this season. Twins Tim and Greg and their “adopted” brother, Jason, all have jobs outside of dickering — but bartering is their true passion. Tim and Greg are in the sports outfitting business, selling and renting kayaks by summer and snowmobiles by winter. Although they’re two very different people, they have one thing in common: their love of wheeling and dealing. Jason is a Morin brother in every way except by blood, and is the most mechanically savvy dickerer there is.

DOWN EAST DICKERING is produced for HISTORY by Pilgrim Studios. Tim Healy, Stephen Mintz and Elaine Frontain Bryant are Executive Producers for HISTORY. Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols are Executive Producers for Pilgrim Studios. Danny Passman is the Executive Producer for Crybaby Media.

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