DVD Reviews: ‘Mother Wore Tights’ And ‘Danger- Love at Work’

20th Century Fox must be clearing out their archives to make room for other films, because lately the company has been reissuing classic movies that were originally released in the 1930s and 1940s. The latest two to be re released are “Danger- Love at Work” and “Mother Wore Tights”.

In the 1947 true story film “Mother Wore Tights”, Betty Grable and Dan Dailey star as Frank and Myrtle Burt, a married vaudeville couple who were famous in the early 1900s. Based on the book of the same name by the Burts’ daughter Miriam Young, the film follows the career of the Burts as they sing and dance across the country, while also trying to raise a family. The film is not of the highest quality at times, but considering the film is more than sixty years old? Not bad at all. The team of Grable and Dailey is mesmerizing to watch- there just doesn’t seem to be dancers of that quality, and with that much onscreen chemistry these days. “Mother Wore Tights” is directed by Walter Lang, and is well worth watching.

The second film, “Danger- Love at Work” stars Ann Sothern and Jack Haley. Does Haley’s name sound familiar? It should. Jack Haley was the Tin Man in the timeless classic, “The Wizard of Oz”. In “Danger”, Haley is Henry MacMarrow, a law firm junior partner who has been tasked with acquiring signatures from members of the Pemberton family in order for a piece of property can be sold. When he makes his way to South Carolina, he meets Toni Pemberton (Ann Sothern), and Toni has taking a shining to Henry. Too bad the rest of her family thinks of him as a conman, making nothing easy for him. As with the previous film, some of the quality isn’t the greatest, but the film directed by Otto Preminger WAS originally released in 1937.
Bother “Mother Wore Tights” and “Danger- Love at Work” are now available on DVD.

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