DVD Review: ‘Zombieworld’

‘Zombieworld’ is an anthology film that collects a bunch of shorts that occur during a worldwide zombie attack. The overarching premise frames this zombie apocalypse as mediated by a recently bitten newscaster, flashing from one part of the world to another, showing how everyone is handling the disaster. Despite this connective device the shorts are unrelated.

As a whole this is a pretty good film, though some of the shorts are on the weak side.
In fact taken individually some of the shorts just do not work, and the anthology format tends to make these shorts drag even longer as you wait for them to end in hopes that the next one will be better. The shorts that do work however are often novel, enthralling, and even humorous, giving the film a somewhat lighter and more unique tone than other such genre flicks.

In fact ‘Zombieworld’ is more humor than horror, though it does offer a bit of both. The format offers something that most zombie films just can’t and that is full-blown novelty without the risk of it going stale. It offers the filmmakers the ability to showcase some great zombie ideas without having to fit an entire movie around any one of them.

There is definitely something here for fans of the zombie subgenre of horror films. If you find the endless plague of zombie films a bit trying then this probably is not for you.

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