DVD Review: ‘Zarra’s Law’

Tony (Tony Sirico) is a retired police detective. It has been three years since his mob-connected brother Roberto was killed in a car bombing, and his apparent killer, Bobby Stax is about to be released on parole. Gaetano (Brendan Fehr), Roberto’s son, an ex-soldier turned lawyer finds himself returning to his old neighborhood where he is not only burdened by the details of his father’s murder, but a growing case load that includes a domestic abuse case involving a higher-up in Stax’s organization.

‘Zarra’s Law’ is a too short and overly simple crime film. It is billed as a thriller, but there is almost nothing thrilling about it. There is, within its abrupt and awkward 79 minutes, the semblance of a decent mobster movie, but it is squandered by poor unimaginative writing.

Most of the characters feel more like stereotypes than fully developed people. Tony Sirico achieves nothing more than presenting a cheap knock-off of his Soprano’s character, and while it worked there here it just feels tired. This is likely more the fault of the screenwriters, though the performances are on the whole nothing special.

‘Zarra’s Law’ is not worth the waste of 79 minutes. Any good plot points it has are quickly spoiled and the rest of the movie is just rehashed and watered down stuff from much better films.

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