DVD Review: ‘Under Wraps’ Features An Original Story That Does Not Disappoint

Danny has a tendency to get into trouble, and his latest exploits on his parents’ archaeological dig are no exception. While exploring off by himself he discovers a weird artifact that accidentally releases a mummy’s curse. Soon his parents have transformed into mummies, and it is up to Danny and his sister Eleanor to figure out a way to lift the curse. Their quest is complicated by some overactive police and an archaeology assistant with a penchant for evil.

‘Under Wraps’ is a quirky and entertaining kids film with an innovative story that suffers slightly from poor animation. For most of the movie the animation is bumpy and awkward. This doesn’t make the film unwatchable, but it can definitely break the viewer’s attention.

There is a notable voice cast including Brooke Shields, Drake Bell, and Matthew Lillard, but there is little voice acting to go along with their notable presence. Most of them could just as easily be replaced and the film would seemingly feel unchanged. It looks like the filmmakers cared more about name recognition than performance and this is a shame because better voice acting could only have bolstered the already entertaining story.

The plot is definitely the strongest aspect of ‘Under Wraps,’ though at times it does rely too much on some really stupid jokes. This is likely thought to be a way to entice its child audience, but some of the material would be cringe worthy even for them.

While this is a movie for kids it is definitely enjoyable enough to keep adults entertained as well. It features an original story that does not disappoint, though its presentation is hindered by shoddy animation.

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