DVD Review: ‘Workaholics: The Final Season’ May Have Been The Best One

Workaholics has been one of my favorite shows since the day it premiered on Comedy Central. Much like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, it pushed the boundaries of cable TV that was not HBO or Showtime. Comedy Central gave them what seemed like complete freedom to do and say just about anything they wanted. Swearing, sex, drugs and just outrageous situations from the brilliant minds of Adam Devine, Anders Holmes and Blake Anderson (along with Erik Griffin and Kyle Newacheck.

The final season found the guys up to their necks in partying and always being in trouble. Some of the scenarios included new trainees at work that they tried to intimate and tell them things that were not true. A crazy time at a beachside timeshare. Their own Coachella type festival. And maybe my favorite episode of the season the final episode. They become stars when an energy drink company hires them to promote their produce and throw outrageous parties. It threatens to tear apart their friendship.

With lots of cool guest stars and extras like outtakes, deleted scenes, the final shot and wrap reel, you’ll have hours of time to laugh your ass off!

Workaholics: The Final Season and also Workaholics: The Complete Series set are in stores on Tuesday, June 20 from Comedy Central Home Entertainment.

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