DVD Review: ‘Wolfcop’ Is An Incredibly Entertaining Film

Lou (Leo Fafard) is an alcoholic cop and disgrace of his department with a penchant for passing out and waking up in strange places. Lately though things have gotten a bit weirder. While investigating a crime deep in the forest he comes down with a bad case of becoming a werewolf, and now when the moon is full he becomes Wolfcop, scourge of bad guys everywhere.

‘Wolfcop’ is a funny and unique b-movie horror comedy. It has just the right amounts of cheesiness, humor, and violence. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it nails the difficult job of jumping between scary and funny within the same scenes.

Horror fans will definitely appreciate the amount of blood and gore throughout the film. The special effects aren’t exactly blockbuster level, but they more than work for what they are trying to accomplish. Director Lowell Dean does a great job bringing everything together and making the most enjoyable film about a werewolf police officer ever made.

‘Wolfcop’ is an incredibly entertaining film. It is what every b movie horror film should be, and it is a much watch for fans of the genre.

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