DVD Review: ‘Will & Grace (The Revival): Season One’

There’s an old saying ‘anything is possible’ and it’s never more true than in Hollywood. After the success of Full House being rebooted on Netflix everything is on the table. Everything old is new again. And due to a 9 minute cast reunion mini-episode (if you want to call it that) during the 2016 Presidential race, Will & Grace was brought back. The original cast was all available and down for it. And it was like the show was never gone. It’s still as crisp and funny as it was when it went off the air 10 years ago. It was suppose to be a limited run. But it did so well NBC added more episodes and even renewed it for a second season.

The show ignored a lot of the final season and picked up in present day. Will & Grace are still living together. Jack is across the hall and Karen is with Stan. The season also brought change. Rosario (the character not the actress who did not want to return) has died. There’s a touching/funny episode with also brings back Minnie Driver. This season also brought back a lot of the characters and actors from the original including Alec Baldwin, Harry Connick Jr., Bobby Cannavale, J-Lo and Leslie Jordan. The show still centered on the fab four as Will quit his job as a lawyer and went to work with Grace, who’s business is booming (including a really funny episode in the White House). The show got a bit political in the age of Trump. Jack was still a bit of a whore. And there was a touching episode dedicated to the late Debbie Reynolds and it brought back Grace’s dad and Will’s mom in a memorable finale episode which could see the end of Will & Grace.

The show didn’t miss a beat in it’s comeback and it seemed to spur a rash of reboots of popular series that seemingly had its day (with original stars and new actors taking over popular roles).

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 12th, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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