DVD Review: ‘Where Children Play’

Review by Monique Thompson

Belle is a beautiful young woman who never found a bright future because she was too busy running away from a heartbreaking past. But news of her mother passing away brings Belle back home to her family and the painful memories she tried to leave behind. Only when she finds the strength to confront her family’s shameful history, does Belle learn that forgiveness has the power to heal the scars of a broken childhood and unlock her heart to the possibility of love.

Where Children Play is a tear-jerker starring Macy Gray, Brian White, Leon, Edwina Findley, and Teyonah Parris following a young woman as she is forced to nurse the father who abused her after her mother’s death. Starting out a little slow, Where Children Play turns out to be quite good. Although your typical, made for TV drama, the cast of actors and actresses execute pretty solid roles. As a drama, sometimes the crying scenes can be a little over the top but the naturalness of each character makes for realistic portrayals.

Many may remember singer turned actress Macy Gray from her very short stint on Dancing With The Stars, but unlike her dancing skills, or lack thereof, she’s a very talented actress. Having a supporting lead role, Gray is a definite stand out and is certainly solidifying herself in the world of acting. If you didn’t catch Where Children Play when it aired on Centric, be sure to check it out when available for digital download on December 1st.

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