DVD Review: ‘Werewolf Rising’ Is A Bland Creature Flick

Emma is tired of city life and decides that a trip to her family’s cabin in rural Arkansas is the break she needs. As soon as she arrives it becomes clear that this will not be the peaceful vacation she hoped for. Evil lurks in the forest and as the next full moon approaches Emma finds herself drawn into a world of nightmares, highlighted by a vicious werewolf.

‘Werewolf Rising’ is a dreadfully slow film. It runs around eighty minutes, but it feels so much longer. The film relies too much on filler material and the occasional artistic flourish. At one point there is at least ten to fifteen seconds of dead space as a character stands and watches someone walk to their car and drive away. It almost looks like the film is paused. Not only did this scene drag, but it had an unrealistic feel that completely derails the plot.

Overall, this is a pretty bland creature flick. There’s nothing too inventive here save a cringe worthy twist towards the end. While there are attempts to add depth to the plot with a bit of a love story and some coming-of-age tropes the film just does not develop into anything special. Diehard fans of werewolf films might enjoy parts of ‘Werewolf Rising,’ but most people could find a better way to spend their time.

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