DVD Review: Varsity Blood Is An Amusing B-Movie Slasher Film

‘Varsity Blood’ is a stupid yet amusing b-movie slasher film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its premise is pretty straightforward. Halloween night is the one-year anniversary of the negligent murder of a former cheerleader and all around popular girl. To celebrate this somber occasion, someone donning the mascot’s costume is killing all of the popular kids, who just happen to be the football team and cheerleading squad. Due to the combination of the school’s homecoming game being on Halloween the popular kids have decided to spend the night drinking and having sex at an old abandoned farmhouse. Slaughter, mayhem, and the occasional teenage drama ensue.

The acting in the movie is pretty bad, at times cringe worthy, but for the most part the writing seems ready to accommodate this by being equally bad on purpose. It at least seems intentional, and if its not then it’s a lucky happenstance, because it fits the overall feel of the film perfectly. At times the entire thing feels like a slasher version of an incredibly mature ‘Saved by the Bell.’ It’s stupid, but it works for what the film is trying to accomplish.

While this is a horror film there is absolutely nothing scary about it. Most of the more suspenseful moments are incredibly telegraphed. There is quite a bit of blood and gore, but it’s not too over the top and many of the more graphic deaths involve shot changes to show blood splatter rather than actual mutilations.

The film sets out to be a campy slasher set up around high school kids, and that is exactly what it delivers. It has all the tropes of the genre and it even includes a somewhat muffled shout-out to the old ‘Scooby-Doo’ show (“you meddling kids!”). ‘Varsity Blood’ is bolstered by its mediocrity.

Available in stores on August, 19.

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