DVD Review: ‘Underdog Kids’

Leticia Hernandez is a young Latina with a serious goal — she wants to be a martial art champion. That, and to be a normal American girl rather than someone who sells oranges on the side of the road with her dad. With the help of Jimmy “The Lightning Bolt” (Rhee) she and her martial arts teammates learn to respect themselves and others, as well as to take responsibility for their own actions.

‘Underdog Kids’ is not so much a karate film as a boring philosophy lesson. The acting and cinematography are terrible. Everything about this movie feels amateurish and forced.

It is one thing for a film to tell a story with a lesson, but it is quite another for a film to be nothing more than a thinly veiled ideology. ‘Underdog Kids’ frames itself as somewhere between the ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘The Karate Kid’, but this is clearly only a selling storyline.

In reality the film is nothing more than a conservative narrative about personal responsibility. The fight scenes are weak and few and far between. One would think that if you were going to sell a film aimed at forcing ideology on children that the filmmakers would have at least done a better job making the movie watchable.

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