DVD Review: ‘Two And A Half Men The Complete Twelfth And Final Season’

The final season of Two And A Half Men was a wild ride that saw a gay wedding, a child adoption and Charlie still alive!

Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) suffers a heart attack and has a revelation about his life. He decides he wants a child. Now someone with his money could have easily got a surrogate. Since this is a comedy show that would be too easy. So he goes to adopt and finds being a single dad getting a child is tough. He decides to pose as a gay couple with Alan (Jon Cryer) and they get married. They’re able to fool the social worker and get a six year old foster son Louis (Edan Alexander).

This is where all the craziness comes in. Pretending to be gay and sneaking around with women, girlfriends and even the crazy social worker. At the end of the season Rose (Melanie Lynskey) returns and we learn a shocking secret. Charlie is alive and he escapes from where he’s being held and is out for revenge. It may just end up as one of the craziest endings ever to a TV series!

Own it on DVD & Digital HD June 16.

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