DVD Review: ‘Transformers Energon: The Complete Series’

It’s been ten years since the Autobots battle with the Decepticons over the Mini-cons. Unicron was damaged and thrown into space with Megatron and piece has taken over earth. Everyone is working together to mine energon. Now a new threat has emerged ‘Alpha-Q (Quintesson). He releases terrorcons to awaken Unicron and gather energon. Megatron has been revived and seeks to bring back Unicron.

Now the battle’s are on. The Autobots seek out the head of Unicron before Megatron can get it. Alpha-Q ends up switching sides and helping the Autobots. As new worlds are created, Megatron seeks to control them and any energon that can be mined. With ancient Autobots and Deceptions joining in the battles, it’s a fight for their very existence.

Another typical Transformers story, and that isn’t a bad thing, of Optimus and the good guys taking on Megatron and the bad guys. You can pick up all 51 episodes on Tuesday, May 6.

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