DVD Review: ‘Touch Of Light’ Is Heartwarming Underdog Story About The Dreams Of A Blind Piano Prodigy

‘Touch of Light’ is the true story of Taiwanese blind piano prodigy Huang Yu-Siang (played by himself). Born to a rural family unprepared for the challenges of raising a blind son but willing to do whatever they could to support him, Huang Yu-Siang overcame all obstacles in his path to attend university and the chance to test his gift against sighted students. While at university he meets Jie (Sandrine Pinna) a want-to-be dancer who is inspired by Siang to follow her dreams.

This is an incredibly uplifting film that efficaciously reinvigorates the underdog story. It features an engrossing plot, though many of its elements are just re-workings of efforts from other similar films. The themes of equality and treating people the way you want to be treated radiate throughout and are brilliantly explicated through the story of Siang. Humor is well-woven into the story, and it carries over well despite any language or cultural differences.

The cinematography feels somewhat unique, at least for American viewers, in its use of haze, soft natural light, and a dulcet score. It conveys the mood wonderfully and adds another level of pleasantness to the film’s viewing. There are a lot of tight close-up shots used, which seems somewhat awkward at first but overall works well. It is a beautifully shot film.

‘Touch of Light’ is a heartwarming underdog story about how the dreams of a blind piano prodigy inspired not only his successes but those of the people around him. It is an encouraging watch.

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