DVD Review: ‘A Tiger’s Tail’ Is A Sweet Family Movie

There were many times as a kid that I thought it’d be great to have some sort of exotic animal as a pet. In “A Tiger’s Tail”, a young boy named Billy (Will Spencer) gets a chance to see how it would be to have a tiger for a pet. After a trip to an animal sanctuary run by Joe Camp (Christopher Judge), a tiger cub named Luna manages to crawl into Billy’s backpack undetected. On the car ride home, Billy discovers the stowaway, but manages to keep her hidden from his parents Michael and Sheryl (Greg Grunberg and Darlene Vogel). He knows he needs to get her back to the sanctuary, but he isn’t sure how to do it, so he instead takes her home and keeps her hidden in his room. On top of dealing with a tiger cub, he is also being teased by the neighborhood bullies. He decides to enlist the help of his best friend Kody (Zachary Friedman) and his friend/crush Doreen (Merit Leighton) to find a way to get Luna back to the sanctuary without his parents finding out. Of course none of the plans really seem to work, but they keep trying as hard as they can. This is a sweet little family movie with a good cast- I absolutely adore Greg Grunberg in this- and has some good lessons in it for kids of all ages.

“A Tiger’s Tail” is now available on DVD.

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