DVD Review: ‘The Three Dogateers’ Is Good For The Kids

When a bunch of thieves break into their home on Christmas Eve and steal every speck of yuletide joy three wily pups take it upon themselves to chase the bandits down. They set out to search for Santa, who is the only person they think capable of truly helping them on their quest to save Christmas. Their journey is wrought with peril, however, as they must evade a crazy dogcatcher and a whole list of other obstacles if they are to be successful.

If you are looking for some mindless, dog-centered holiday humor then look no further than ‘The Three Dogateers.’ This is a (very) family friendly Christmas adventure for kids and fans of talking dog movies alike. It doesn’t attempt anything too unique or risqué, but it finds success in its reliance on cuteness and safe slapstick humor.

The dogs have entertaining personalities, which definitely ups its overall watchability (Seriously though, talking dog movies are pretty watchable in general). Similarly, the film’s effects look good and pull their weight enough so that they don’t draw away from the action.

‘The Three Dogateers’ would be a good movie to put on for young kids if you’re looking for something entertaining yet tame. If you’re over the whole talking animals thing, or don’t want your kids to think that Fido is hiding his people voice, then you probably should avoid this one.

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