DVD Review: ‘The Vatican Exorcisms’

‘The Vatican Exorcisms’ is another in a long line of faux documentary (read: found footage) horror films. Like many of its predecessors this is another example of a film within the genre that just goes too far over the top to even be kind of believable – assuming the thing that makes these films truly scary is that they just might be true.

This faux documentary follows American filmmaker Joe Marino, who goes to Italy to examine the phenomenon of exorcisms up-close and personal. He is aided and accompanied by Padre Luigi, an actual exorcist. The two travel to Southern Italy where they hope to participate in a real exorcism.

In general ‘The Vatican Exorcisms’ is not a good movie. It does what a lot of other films have done in the past, but a lot worse. On the plus side this was filmed in Italy so some of the visuals aren’t too bad if you can get over the constantly shaky found footage camera work. Overall, however, the takeaway is that this not a great exorcism film, nor a great horror film. There are so many better films to watch.

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