DVD Review: ‘The Rewrite’ Is A Decent Romantic Comedy

Award winning screenwriter Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant) is upset because he just cannot write a new hit. In the midst of an existential crisis he agrees to teach a screenwriting class in a small, remote college town. Upon arriving he immediately finds himself in trouble after getting involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a young student (Bella Heathcote) and getting on the wrong side of the harsh Professor Weldon (Allison Janney). What starts off as another bad decision for Keith begins to turn around as the semester progresses and he starts to find the inspiration he needs from his students, including single mom (Marisa Tomei).

‘The Rewrite’ is decent romantic comedy with a plot that has been used before, and will likely come up again. Stubborn man is stuck in life, uproots everything and goes somewhere else; the new situation changes him.

It plays it safe, and it is the type of film that is fairly easy to guess what will happen next. The acting and character development save the film from itself by making it extremely watchable despite its overtly obvious plot. Hugh Grant is good at playing this character, which is probably why he keeps getting offered the same role.

While on many accounts ‘The Rewrite’ is a fairly forgettable film; it is still decent enough to watch if you like Hugh Grant or romantic comedies.

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