DVD Review: ‘The Journey Home’ Is A Heartwarming Story

The Journey Home is a heartwarming tale of a boy and his need to reunite a polar bear cub with his mother. Luke Mercier (Dakota Goyo) hears noises outside and goes to investigate. He sees a polar bear and soon the towns people come and sedate it and plan to bring it back into the wild. What they don’t see and Luke discovers is she has left her cub.

Luke takes care of it with the plan to reunite the cub with his mother. To do this he asks family friend Muktuk (Goran Visnjic), who says it will be hard to do. Luke decides to take off on his snowboard with the cub (who is adorable!) and they start to make their way. Crossing dangerous ice, Luke soon falls into the water. Luckily Muktuk has been following them and is able to rescue you and save his life. They decide they will try and bring the cub back to mom. When a dangerous storm hits, they are separated and Muktuk goes for help.

Luke’s mother is alerted that he is missing and returns from work to look for him. Luke continues on his quest to re-unite the cub with his mom. Facing more hardships Luke is determined to get to his destination.

A movie for the whole family to watch. Like I said earlier the cub is just so cute and makes you want to have one. Whoever trained the little guy did an awesome job!

You can pick up ‘The Journey Home’ on DVD Tuesday, September 22.

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