DVD Review: ‘The House Across The Street’

If I started this review with a sentence that began “the Oxford Dictionary defines the word “thriller” as blah blah blah” you’d probably assume that this was going to be a fairly boring review and that it might be a good idea to skip it. This is the exact feeling you get when you start ‘The House Across the Street’, and it is a feeling you should embrace.

‘The House Across the Street’ is a slow and boring film that aspires to be something of a thriller. It fails wholeheartedly. The plot finds Amy (Jessica Sonneborn) moving East to start a new life. She moves into what seems like a perfect neighborhood things look like they’re off to a good start, but (eye-roll) things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Pretty much every aspect of this movie has been done somewhere else better. The terrible performances amplify the poor plot, making it near unwatchable. Everything about this film just feels subpar. Every once in awhile there are shimmers of potential, but these are quickly fizzled out.

‘The House Across the Street’ is a waste of an hour and a half. It is not only a terrible recycled thriller, but it doesn’t even do justice to the material it borrows from.

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