DVD Review: ‘Teen Beach 2’

As a disclaimer I will admit that I have never seen the original ‘Teen Beach’ so this review is based only upon watching the aptly named sequel ‘Teen Beach 2’. I am, however, familiar with the original beach movies from decades past that these films are supposed to share spirit with, and with those as a benchmark I can safely say that this movie missed its mark.

The plot of the film is weirdly meta but simple. It is about two teen surfers, Mack and Brady, who get a real world visit from the cast of their favorite beach movie, ‘Wet Side Story’ (cringe). Mack and Brady need their fictional friends to help them rekindle their fading love.

‘Teen Beach 2’ is a mess of a movie. It tries to do a lot of different things and does almost none of them well. The plot aims to be goofy (as a good beach movie should) and for the most part just comes off as stupid and unfunny. Like any good beach movie the film does contain some original songs, but unfortunately these songs are as sad and forgettable as the movie itself.

Fans of the original ‘Teen Beach’ may want to see this follow-up, but honestly it doesn’t feel like a well thought out sequel. For the most part it plays like the quickly churned out direct to video mess it is. Unless you’re invested from the first film I can’t see any reason to watch ‘Teen Beach 2’.

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