DVD Review: ‘The Taking Of Deborah Logan’ Is Better Than Most Possession Films Of The Past Few Years

Possession horror is an overdone genre awash with mindless variations and illogical, often stupid, premises. ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ is no exception though comparatively it is better than many of the other possession films that have been forced down the throats of horror fans in the last few years. It has more than a couple genuine scares and the actor’s performances are more authentic and realistic than one generally finds in a straight to DVD release.

The plot definitely has its unique elements, but despite this tinge of originality parts of it still feel like old hat. The film starts off as a found footage medical documentary produced by a doctor (Anne Bedian) studying the effects of Alzheimer’s on Deborah Logan (Jill Larson) and her daughter/caregiver Sarah (Anne Ramsey). Things quickly turn bad (evil?) as the symptoms Deborah develops are unlike anything associated with the degenerative disease and a series of supernatural events threaten the lives of everyone involved in making the documentary.

There is something so disconcerting about large swaths of the film, and this is a very good thing for this type of movie. Perhaps it has something to do with the intermixing of something so realistically scary in Alzheimer’s with the fantastically supernatural fear of possession.

The performances in the film are well above average for this type of direct to DVD fare, especially Jill Larson’s take on the Alzheimer’s patient Deborah Logan. Realism is a key component in just how scary a found footage film can be, and this film certainly captures this feeling throughout.

While ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ is not the second coming of ‘The Exorcist’ it is a solid possession horror film. Fans of the genre should give this one a watch.

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