DVD Review: ‘Strange Magic’

‘Strange Magic’ is another tally towards the count of times that George Lucas has written a film that leaves its intended audience confused and annoyed (Note: it is getting to be a large tally). It is a clichéd animated fairy-tale written in the tradition of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that bombards viewers with unnecessarily terrible renditions of pop hits and somewhat crude dialogue that seems more suitable for adults than its targeted children audience.

The plot is a bit of a convoluted hodgepodge. Marianne is a fairy princess that is getting married to Rolland, a vane prince that only cares about the power and prestige offered by the position. The terrible bog king runs the dark kingdom next door to the fairies and wants something that they have. There is the sugar plum fairy that makes magic love potions that are sought after by pretty much everyone for one reason or another. It really is less Shakespeare and more every trope from every animated “magic” film from the last few decades. Lucas has seemingly made a really bad 80’s/90’s Disney movie. A feat many would think impossible.

The story just falls flat. It is boring and only somewhat humorous (really cheesy, eye-rolling humor). The film’s animation is not terrible, but it is also nothing special. There have been better movies made that looked just as good as this.

‘Strange Magic’ is definitely not for everyone. For fans of Lucas or clever animated movies this truly is the Jar Jar Binks of the genre. If you like overly cheesy animated films or think that it makes sense to hear Fairies belt a random Lady Gaga song that only sort of fits a particular scene then this is something to check out.

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