DVD Review: ‘The Strain: The Complete Fourth Season’ DVD

It’s been nine months since the bomb was detonated at the end of season three. This has left it dark all the time allowing the strigoi free to roam and enslaving the humans. Quinlan, Fet and more are searching for another bomb to destroy the strigoi once and for all (which is the quest of the whole season). Meanwhile the Master is personally taken care of Zak and training him to be just like him.

Once the bomb is found Zac and Quinlan have one final showdown before their fate is sealed. Along the way during the seasons there will be casualties and the fate of the world will be sealed.

It was one tense episode after another for the final season. Who would live and who wouldn’t and would the human world succeed and at what cost. It’s a shame the series ended after only four seasons as it was one of my favorite shows to watch every Sunday night it aired.

You can watch the fight now with The Strain: The Complete Fourth Season DVD in stores now.

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