DVD Review: ‘Something Wicked’ Is A Decent Horror Flick

James (John Robinson) has asked girlfriend Christine’s parents (Betty Moyer and and Lance Rosen) for their permission to marry their daughter. They refuse until Christine (Shantel Van Santen) is finished with school. This response is unpopular with James and Christine. Later that night when James is driving everyone home from dinner the car is struck by a train and the parents are killed. Flash forward a year later and Christine is being stalked and harassed by an unknown entity. The question is who or what is after her?

‘Something Wicked’ is a decent horror flick even though it revolves around the outdated premise of seeking the parents’ blessing before marriage. The film occasionally looks and feels like it was a bit too phoned in, but overall it maintains a good level of suspense. The pacing and music work well in furthering the mystery and horror.

The plot of the film relies a lot on standard horror tropes. There is not a lot new or inventive tried here. This act of playing it safe keeps the movie watchable, but it makes it hard to distinguish it from all of the other similar genre films.

This was the last movie that Brittany Murphy made before her untimely passing. Despite this being a decent little horror film it is a shame her last film had to be this. In the film she plays the wife of Christine’s cop brother, whom Christine has moved in with while attending school. It is not a bad performance, but it is also not a great performance. This will not be a film that Murphy is remembered for.

‘Something Wicked’ is a decent, though largely run-of-the-mill, horror film that largely succeeds because it plays it safe. It is clearly attempting to ride the hype train by pushing its inclusion of Brittany Murphy (look at the cover) despite her non-starring role. Horror fans might be okay passing time with a watch, but Brittany Murphy fans will find better and more memorable performances in other places.

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