DVD Review: ‘Ships’

Turkish director Elif Refiğ’s ‘Ships’ is a decent drama that suffers from attempting to be too dramatic. While it is pretty clear that the film was shot on almost no budget, the cinematography and atmosphere look good and give the film a gritty feel.

Ali (Ugur Unzel) is the son of an import/export company owner, who dreams of one day escaping his life stuck on ships transporting stuff. When he encounters Eda (M. Sitare Akbas), who is similarly stuck and wanting a new life, the two decide to escape together and go somewhere else.

While the film looks and feels the part at times its shots get a bit too artsy, staying on an actor for a noticeably long time in an attempt to emphasize emotions and responses. It is one thing to add some dramatic flare, but this movie takes it to another level.

‘Ships’ offers a watchable, but at times mind numbing, tale of youth in search of adventure and escape from the monotony of everyday life.

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