DVD Review: ‘See No Evil 2’ Is Consistent With The Original Thanks To The Soska Sisters

The corpse of mass murderer Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs) has just been delivered to the morgue after his supposed death. Amy (Danielle Harris) works at the morgue and is just about to finish up her shift and go celebrate her birthday when she decides to cancel the plans to help her co-workers with Goodnight’s body. Not to be deterred by her cancelation Amy’s friends show up at the morgue for a celebration. A bit of late night birthday morgue drinking and sex are quickly interrupted as Jacob Goodnight rises from his cold slab and begins to stalk and violently murder the partygoers.

‘See No Evil 2’ is a fairly solid sequel to its subpar predecessor of the same name minus the number, though it does little to improve upon its flawed antecedent. It is a decent enough slasher film, though a bit too much of the violence and gore take place off screen. The film is extremely campy, which can be good if done well. Here it comes off a bit hackneyed and clichéd. The film is entertaining, but there are too many things about it that feel like they could have been done better. Perhaps the best example of this comes from the film’s evil antagonist. Jacob Goodnight is setup as a creepy enough mass-murdering psychopath, but Glenn Jacobs just feels too awkward in the role. He certainly looks intimidating for the most part, but as soon as he opens his mouth the whole thing begins to unravel.

Fans of old school slasher films will find something to like about ‘See No Evil 2.’ It is an entertaining horror film that despite some hiccups hits most of the traditional and necessary notes. There really wasn’t a reason to make a second installment to the series, but at least directors Jan and Sylvia Soska made something consistent with the original.

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